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10 Things You Never Knew About Snoring (March 2013)

Dr. Demko is quoted in three of the tips, including the relationship between weight and snoring (Tip #3), sleep positions to improve snoring (Tip #7) and oral appliance therapy as an alternative treatment option to CPAP (Tip #10).
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Visit Your Dentist for Help with Sleep Apnea (Nov. 5th 2012)

The 10 minute interview covers the effectiveness of Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT), the process of finding a dentist versed in dental sleep medicine and many details about oral appliance therapy including how an appliance is fitted, potential side effects and insurance coverage.
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The Sleep Sleuth (Nov. 4th 2012)

Dr. Gail Demko attributed to the blog post “The Sleep Sleuth: Are You and Your Family Getting Quality Sleep?
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My Daddy has Sleep Apnea (Oct. 20th 2012)

Dr. Gail Demko gives her praise on the book My Daddy Has Sleep Apnea. View the book cover and Dr. Demko’s review on the back.
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Dental Dynamic in OSA Treatment by Dr. B. Gail Demko (Oct. 18th 2012)

Physicians and Dentists can work together
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Dangers of Over-the-Counter Anti-Snoring Devices (May 17th 2012)

Discussion between Dr. Lydia Sosenko and Dr. Gail Demko on The Dangers of Over-the-Counter Anti-Snoring Devices.
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A New Era of Collaboration (Apr. 11th 2012)

Dr. Gail Demko hopes to change the fractured delivery of oral appliances with the in various parties involved. Dentists, physicians, insurance companies, researchers, and manufacturers of devices tend to be insulated. A New Era of Collaboration.
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